Web-Based Trainings

The usd Security Awareness Platform offers you a range of different trainings. These are some of the WBTs available:

•   Data Protection Training (EU GDPR)
•   General Information Security
•   PCI Security Awareness Training
•   Social Engineering Training
•   Phishing Snd Other Fraudulent Messages
•   Secure Coding Online
•   … and more.

Your WBTs on the usd Security Awareness Platform

You want to integrate an already existing training of your company into the platform? We would be pleased to support you in this project. Please contact awareness@usd.de.



The usd Security Awareness Platform is an alternative to in-house training. Demonstrate compliance without increasing organisational effort and costs. Employee turnover and distributed locations are no longer a problem, because each employee completes his or her personal training. Flexible in terms of time, location and content.


Meet compliance requirements with a minimum of administrative and financial efforts. Verifiable Awareness measures with a personal certificate for each employee.

Policy Upload

Make your security policy available to your staff. Including read receipt for each employee.

Dashboard & Report

Use your training dashboard to keep track of the progression status of each training, an overview of all further training Options. Including reporting feature.

Training & Certificate

Selection of usd trainings with continuous content updates. Customise trainings or upload your own. Quiz on learning objectives and certificate for each employee.


Automated reminder and notification e-mails sent to your employees – with administration feature. No need to track deadlines.

Free Trainings

Free trainings developed through the project „KMU AWARE – Awareness im Mittelstand“ (“Awareness in small and medium-sized businesses”) supported by the initiative Initiative “IT-Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft“ (“IT security in economy and business”).


PCI DSS Certifications

The platform functionality satisfies, among other things, the annual acknowledgement of security policies as stipulated in PCI DSS requirement 12.6.2.


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Simply send und an email to awareness@usd.de or call us at +49 6102 8631-190.

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